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To all those souls who lost their precious lives to the deep waters and to their loved ones who continue to live in their fond memories....

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Sea! The mighty sea! Who doesn’t enjoy savouring the beauty of the mighty sea?

The gigantic waves lashing out against the shore...

Their monstrous laughter...

Their terrifying sobs of agony...

The sea in its various incarnations...

Don’t stand scared in stupefaction on the shore. Brave into its mysterious depths.
Return with a luminous pearl in your hand.

Whatever we hurl into its mysterious depths, Mother Sea lulls them back onto the shore with its wavy hands. Whatever we scribble on her sandy shore, she reads with an innate pleasure, erasing it, encouraging us to write more and more...

And yes, for me, an adventure swimmer, the ocean has always been a source of great excitement, an inspiration.

Those who endeavour constantly in their life to achieve something are sure to succeed in the end. But no one can triumph without perseverance. You should be willing to work hard to become a good swimmer. Becoming a competitive swimmer is all the more demanding for it involves extreme toil. Your goal is to master the art of swimming. That is the reason you have bought this book and now you are reading it.

Let me wish you success and offer my sincere blessings. But before proceeding further, I would like to place two questions in f ront of you all. You should grasp the real meaning of these two questions before coming up with your answers.

What is swimming? Why swimming?
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